About Area 5 Harmony, Inc

Area 5 is part of Harmony, Inc., a non-profit, international organization.

Our Mission Statement:

Empowering all women through education, friendship, and singing.

Area 5 covers all of Ontario Canada. We currently have 16 choruses. 

Our mission is to empower women of all backgrounds, ages, and musical abilities to "Find Your Voice" through four-part barbershop harmony.

Join us and spread the joy of Harmony!

The Creed of Harmony, Inc.
Harmony from our hearts, as well as voices;
Affection for each other, oft expressed;
Radiant with our love of barbershop;
Mindful of our principles and ideals;
Outstretched hands to every race and creed;
Neatness in our dress and in our thinking;
Young in heart, for singing keeps us young;
Inspired with our desire to grow and flourish;
Nourished by devotion to our music;
Constructive in our work for Harmony, Incorporated.